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Unlike many apps out there, Birder’s birds aren’t angry and don’t use hashtags, they’re the real thing... 

Combining a Field Guide and Field Report for birds of Britain and Ireland, Birder is the ultimate birdwatcher's toolbox with all the information you need to identify and report the birds you find right from your mobile device.

More than just a list, Birder includes beautiful, original artwork for 247 bird species, specially commissioned for the app, so you can spot with accuracy. 

Users can also listen to high-quality call and song recordings for each bird and read concise text descriptions and identification guidelines all from within the app. 

And there’s more to get your claws into.  
Not only can enthusiasts identify birds with Birder but they can also create Field Trip reports complete with automatically updated location data, notes and sightings. Field Trip summaries can then be shared, stored and viewed on maps to create a complete sighting record. 

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247 bird species in your pocket

Quickly find information, illustrations and descriptions for over 247 bird species in the UK including size, wingspan, call and other key identification information. 

Avian accuracy 

Distinguish the call of specific species with high quality audio recordings included in Birder. Quickly view similar species and use the Quick ID feature to pinpoint the colour, size and habitat of the birds you spot. 

Charting your experiences

Record your sightings using the Field Trip feature with accurate location data added automatically. You can even access Range Maps to access the latest data on species whereabouts to help you plan your trip. 

Share Field Trip data with others or view your sightings on maps. All of your sightings are added to Birder's “life list” feature too so you can keep track of every species your spot across multiple trips. 


Features (click to learn more)

Bird Species
247 birds of Britain and Ireland
Bird Species
247 birds of Britain and Ireland
Beautiful illustrations specially commissioned by renowned wildlife artist Stephen Message. All displayed in portrait or landscape with pinch and zoom
General species information including size and wingspan with prime identification notes
Range Maps
The very latest range map data, along with quick key regional whereabouts. Portrait and landscape support with pinch and zoom
Fantastic bird song and calls for each species
List species either alphabetically or by Scientific order, using common or Latin name or by family or habitat type
Similar Species
Quickly view species showing similarities to aid identification
Quick ID
Define search criteria including colour, size, habitat and shape to rapidly narrow down possible sightings and improve identification
Field Trip
Create field trips, collating location (with auto fill using GPS and map/location services), notes, sightings, species count etc. You can email field trip report summaries as well as view your sightings on maps.
Life List
Your sightings are automatically added to your life list, detailing all species recorded
File sharing
Your important user data can be copied and backed up using iTunes file sharing
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