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For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (Android coming soon)

Remember when we used to scribble notes on bits of paper and then lose them?

Remember when we thought digital notes were great until we lost them too?

Say hello to Synotes, the new way to write, share and sync notes on all your devices.*

Elegant, clean and ridiculously easy to use, Synotes allows you to create notes using rich text formatting and store them in the Cloud where they are always backed up and synced to all of your devices.

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Formatted notes, available anywhere

Create notes with bold and italic fonts, bulleted lists and more. Store all of your notes in one place and keep them up-to-date across all of your devices. Taking and managing notes has never been easier. 

Safer syncing 

Each time you sync your notes with Synotes they are backed up to Syncode's Cloud storage servers so you'll never lose a word. Synotes also stores each revision of a note so you can move to an earlier version if you make a mistake. Synotes can be password protected for added security, and your data is protected by SSL when it is transferred between locations. How’s that for peace of mind?

Endless customisation

Adjust Synotes to suit your individual needs and style. Apply skins to the fully customisable interface, add icons and different paper types to each note and order your notes in any way you wish. Regardless of your mood or taste, there’s a style for you. 

Simple, social sharing 

Send notes to Facebook friends with a tap or publish them on Twitter. Notes have never been so sociable. 

No internet? No problem

Notes on your device remain available when your device is offline and are updated as soon as a connection becomes available. You’ll never find yourself noteless again. 

Smarter search 

Find specific notes faster with searches by keyword. Filter your notes by icon to locate categories at a glance. Less flicking, more finding.

Online access 

Login to your Synotes account through your browser and access all of your notes wherever you have an internet connection. 


Features (click to learn more)

Compose, review and manage
Easily keep your notes in one place.
Compose, review and manage
Easily keep your notes in one place.
Share to Twitter
Publish links to your notes to followers on Twitter.
All your notes are kept in-sync across all your devices.
Assign an icon to each note to organise everything.
Your data is protected by SSL security when transferring across the Internet.
Cloud backup
When synchronised, your notes are backed-up to the Syncode servers for peace of mind.
Slick interface
A fully customisable interface allowing you to personalise Synotes.
Rich-text editing
Apply bold and italics to your notes, along with bulleted and numeral lists.
Each revision of a note is kept on the Syncode servers so you can revert mistakes.
Quickly find notes by icon - school work, meeting notes, at-a-glance.
Keep your notes ordered by date, icon or with manual positioning for quick access.
Offline support
No Internet connection? No problem - changes are synchronised once available.
Share to Facebook
Make individual notes available to your friends on Facebook.
Password protection
Lock down Synotes by requiring a password to view notes on your device.
Simpily find any note by entering keywords.
Privacy controls
Deny access to previously shared notes with a simple switch.
Online access
Login to Synotes through a web browser and access your notes from anywhere.

Smart Sync

Instead of starting clean with every refresh, Smart Sync uses minimum bandwidth for maximum efficiency. Smart Sync understands how your information changes, only Syncing when it needs to.

Also, Smart Sync's advanced conflict management system means that you'll never overwrite your Synotes when your iPhone or iPad disagrees with the web.

Fast, efficient and effective, Smart Sync makes moving between the web and your iPhone practically seamless.

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