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Synotes Update

Synotes Update

18th May 2018

Update to Synotes that solves a bug some users were experiencing when saving a note.

We have also introduced in app purchase, this will remove ads and enable new skins, we have had to make these necessary changes to allow continued development and features on Synotes.

Syncopy becomes Swapped

27th May 2014

We are currently looking for beta testers...


We will soon be in the beta stage of our new Syncopy replacement called "Swapped".

We are looking for beta testers on Mac and iOS. If you are an existing Syncopy user and would like to be part of this unique testing experience please contact

Synotes update released 17th November has a known bug

21st November 2012

The Synotes update released on 17th of November has a known bug. This has been rectified and submitted to Apple and is currently waiting for them to release it.

Unfortunately there are some notes that cannot be accessed through the application, these notes have not been lost. If you need to gain access to your notes please login to the web app using your browser.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Syncode support team.

Synotes: Coming to a browser near you

Synotes: Coming to a browser near you

4th September 2012

Due to popular demand Syncode is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Synotes for the web. 

Syncode becomes a division of Virtual Programming

6th July 2012


As you may be aware, Syncode and its app library has been acquired by Virtual Programming Ltd. 


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