Syncode becomes a division of Virtual Programming

6th July 2012


As you may be aware, Syncode and its app library has been acquired by Virtual Programming Ltd. 

We thought it would be a good idea to fill in the blanks and let current users of Syncode apps, and those interested in downloading them, know the score. 

For example, what does this mean for existing owners of apps like Birder and Synotes?

Unlike a lot of the buyouts that go on in the mobile world, we have good news for you. Your apps are only going to get better! 

Virtual Programming will continue to develop all Syncode apps under the Syncode brand and the company will now fall under the umbrella of Virtual Programming Ltd (who make some pretty damn good games and apps for Mac and iOS users that you can check out here).

The VP team are dedicated to taking Syncode apps to the next level and there are already exciting new developments underway as well as new apps on the horizon. 

We hope you continue to enjoy Syncode apps and look forward to providing you with an amazing mobile experience. 

The Syncode Team

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